Friday, November 12, 2010

About my blog

I'm keeping this blog primarily for the sake of my family and friends.  As of recently, I've started feeling the need to express my philosophical thoughts, but in a form that people close to me can understand.  As most of you probably know, I've been working on a book now for several years.  But perhaps I've been writing this book for an audience that doesn't exist.  What use is a philosophy that only the person writing it can understand?  Or only a small circle of professionals that specialize in the same topic?  This is the sort of thing you are pushed to write in today's academic world.

When I realized this, I thought maybe I'd start another draft of my book, a draft understandable by those I care most about -- my wife, parents, siblings, and close friends.  A book that spends less time explaining obscure theories and more time explaining how we can change our lives in a positive way

Maybe, I thought.  But books are so darn time-consuming. 

Today, I had a new idea.  I know what I want to say, so why not just say it?  Hence this blog.  It's an attempt to share my philosophy, two or three thoughts at a time.

One more thing tonight before I sign out.  You may be wondering about the title.  "Recovered philosopher?  But I thought Sam was still getting a PhD in that subject."  Very true.  Definitely still going for the PhD.  But I feel like, by starting this blog, I'm finally emerging into the real world, to talk to real people about what I've found out there in philosophy-land -- the Land-of-Old-Books.  It's easy to get lost in that world, and those who forget to return are the true "philosophers."  A fate I personally aim to avoid.

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