Thursday, October 22, 2020

A Declaration by the People of Utah Ending the State of Emergency

If you are a Utah resident you can sign this: Termination of State of Emergency and Emergency Powers by the People of Utah.


A group of Belgian doctors has put together an open letter that does a good job of explaining why the state of emergency, including widespread censorship and house arrest, needs to end worldwide:

Below is a graph which to me sums up all the most relevant facts surrounding the covid scare and its absurdity. Take your time looking at this and thinking about what it means. (You can click on it to view the entire video, which is full of excellent analysis):

Note that this graph is for Sweden, which had no lockdowns, no quarantine, no required face masks. This shows the total mortality rate for the country, deaths from any cause. You can see quite clearly that the Spanish Flu was many times worse than Covid-19. You can even see that back in the nineties there were seasonal spikes (these are caused by the flu and pneumonia and related respiratory illnesses) that were much worse than the Covid spike!

Take some time to let this sink in. Never before has the media made so much noise over so mild an illness.

But here's the essential point: No disease, no plague, no virus, no state of emergency whatsoever justifies government violation of rights to Life, Liberty, and Happiness. Furthermore, no government can revoke those eternal laws of Christian charity that command us to care for the sick, comfort those in prison, and allow the poor their daily bread. Out of fear, we are allowed the government to restrict our carrying out of these duties. I have watched my grandfather's health decline in quarantine, so that he can no longer walk and has worsening infections in his feet, all to prevent a virus that rarely kills unless there is some other deadly condition present. And we have been barred from visiting him in person -- we must seen him behind glass, faces covered by masks. He can't even take part in family gatherings, spending an entire day with his grandchildren and great-grandchildren as he once could. His right to happiness in his last moments of life have been taken away. 

It is no wonder to me that the early Christian withstood the plagues of the Dark Ages better than any Pagan did. The Pagans, more scared of death than of breaking the laws of charity, quarantine their loved ones and ran away, and their economies collapsed and their societies more often succumbed to the plagues. Christians, who continued to work to earn their living, and to care for the sick and comfort the lonely, even at risk to themselves, gaining the immunity necessary to end the crisis.

Even with Spanish Flu, which was ten times worse than Covid, we did not lock down, did not restrict freedoms. If we had--it is becoming abundantly clear--it would have been even worse.

For example, consider this warning from the United Nations World Food Program: "[We] could see 300,000 people die per day over a 90-day period":

"Pandemic could mean 260 million people worldwide 'marching toward starvation'"


  1. How would you respond to this article?

    Secondarily, no government or corporation is forcing grandpa's home to enact the strict measures it has. Mom has told me that there are plenty of less strict nursing homes.

    I believe you might be misattributing blame, and getting lost in an angry, kneejerk response.

    Should we be focusing on supporting the poor and sick instead of locking down? Yes. Part of that is wearing a mask so we don't worsen the problem while trying to help. Another part is honoring the needs of others. We can't stop the fear mongering, but we can show compassion and ease panic by wearing masks, distancing, and learning to smize.

  2. Thank you for the article link. It's good to see both sides.

    The way I understand that article, it is saying that there was certainly a small spike in deaths last April in Sweden when compared with the previous 5 years. I agree that the data show this.

    Another article on the same site, however, points out that even worse epidemics occurred in 1993 and 2000:

    Similar flu epidemics happen in other countries from time to time. Why the sudden outcry now? Media hype. And now they're talking about a second wave, when the first wave actually corresponded closely to the curves we've seen in previous bad flu seasons. Of course there will be a "second wave," given that we've weakened our collective immunity and we're approaching the next flu season.

    Wearing masks makes little difference for contracting respiratory illness and shows that you are complicit in all the hype and the loss of freedoms going on, whether perpetrated by government, nursing homes, or big corporations. This propaganda has spread to third world countries where it is even more absurd, because they have far more important concerns like basic subsistence.

  3. Wearing a mask doesn't prevent you from getting sick, it prevents you from passing your sickness on to others. It also doesn't hurt your immune system.