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Welcome to Thoughts of a Recovered Philosopher. My name is Sam Thomsen and I'm an ex-academic trying to help revive old school philosophy. You know, Socrates through Nietzsche. I'm not after technical argumentation. I'm after the Big Picture.

If you want to know who am, try the About Me page.

If you want to know why this blog exists, try About My Blog.

For the story of why I left academia, read these posts. (You'll want to scroll down and click to the beginning to read chronologically, sorry about that.)

If you want to know what my basic philosophy is, you could do worse than reading through the top-ten "Popular Posts" in the right-hand panel. But you might do better by reading the recommended posts below:

Introduction to "Thoughts of a Recovered Philosopher" for Non-liberals
Introduction to "Thoughts of a Recovered Philosopher" for Liberals

Introduction to Principles of Virtue
Principles of Virtue
The Sage
Wisdom's Wild Garden (my Tumblr blog)

Education and Self-Education:
"Education, Logic, and Values," Part IPart IIPart III. For a very brief summary of how well the theory I developed worked in practice, see Reboot.
The Value of the Ancients
Philosophy as a Flourishing Ecosystem of Ideas
The World's Best Education Costs Almost Nothing
The Only Real Education is a Self-Education: A List of Classics
A Better Academy

Why Progress is a Pipe Dream
Since posting the above essay I've decided to simply publish the book I've already written on it. See Progress Debunked, on the "Current Projects Page," below.

Nonfiction books, novels, and games in progress:
Current Projects Page

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