Friday, July 31, 2020

Why Quarantine is Harmful

Here's a summary of what you can tell people about why we need to forget this coronavirus scare, end all quarantine and social distancing measures, and move on. Specifics on these points can be found in many good resources across the internet. I link to a good 50-page discussion of these studies in my previous post "End the Scare." I also link to a few other videos and resources at the bottom.

A Summary

(1) Scientists have been unable to prove that covid-19 tests are effective or even that it's a real disease. When people take several tests, the tests will switch from positive to negative and back again, whether they have symptoms or not. 

(2) There are powerful corporations who control the media and the World Health Organization and stand to make enormous profits from cures and vaccines for covid, and who benefit as small businesses go out of business from quarantine. That could explain why there is so much hype when covid hasn't caused more deaths than a bad flu season.

(3) Most people that die from covid are already elderly, most over 75. On average they have 3 pre-existing health conditions.

(4) Hospitals are required to mark deaths as covid if they might have covid and die from something else. So even the official numbers are way off.

(5) The risk to children from covid is minimal. A child with covid has less than 1 in a 1000 chance of dying. Even according to CDC numbers, about three times as many children ages 9-14 have died from flu and pneumonia as from covid since the outbreak, seven times as many have been murdered, fourteen times as many have died from suicide, and 34 times more have died from accidental injury.

(6) In an average month before this year, around 20,000 people die from respiratory illnesses in the U.S. It's claimed that covid is doubling these numbers but doubled mortality is not unusual for a bad flu season. 

(7) Total mortality rate from all causes has increased by maybe 5% so far. This modest increase may be due to the lockdowns (which have caused economic distress, hunger, and suicide) and overtreatment (especially with forced ventilation) and not from the virus itself. 

(8) Quarantined nursing homes have actually seen higher fatalities than nursing homes that have not been quarantined. This appears to be due to loneliness, neglect, and depression among elderly people who are locked away from their families.

(9) One third of all common colds are coronaviruses. All of the symptoms of covid-19 are possible symptoms of a cold. (Compare: common cold vs. covid-19. Even loss of taste and smell is very common in colds, flus, and other mild sickness.) How is covid not considered a mild illness like the cold or flu, especially if the average person who dies with it is elderly and has 3 pre-existing conditions, and young people are far more likely to die from pneumonia? No one has been able to explain this to me. 

For an eloquent and at times humorous summary see this video.

If you think this guy is some kind of lone crank, here's a another couple of doctors who were censored for some reason.

If you don't think it's possible that overtreatment is causing excess deaths, watch this banned video from nyc (warning - this is emotionally intense):

For some convincing analysis showing that quarantines are harmful: 

Every doctor and nurse I've personally asked about covid has said the whole quarantine thing is ridiculous. It is unprecedented for a sickness so mild. They are wearing their masks when patients come in to make them feel better but otherwise don't bother. 

If you want to see how absurdly low the mortality numbers are when put in perspective (and these are from the CDC), see this brief article:

If you want citations to dozens of scientific studies, see the article linked to in my previous post "End the Scare."

Keep fighting the good fight and spreading the word. The mainstream media and search engines are relentlessly censoring. This alone is malicious, regardless of the truth. Science progresses by active debate. None of the people being censored are bringing up unreasonable questions or points. It would be more effective to merely answer their legitimate questions and move on. The fact that they are being suppressed shows that there is something to hide.

Saturday, July 18, 2020

End the Scare

This article is written by a scientist outside the mainstream and gives the best overview of all the major evidence against coronavirus being a true pandemic that I've found. It's excellently cited, with about 100 citations, mostly from scientific journals, and well-argued. And disturbing in its implications.

Well worth the read for ammunition against all the misinformation out there. 

I've made it my policy not to wear a mask or practice social distancing unless it's explicitly required or requested. 

The tragedy of this scare is overwhelming. The ongoing costs to human life, sanity, constitutional rights, and social bonds are huge. The widespread emotional neglect of the elderly is reprehensible. It's important to stay vigilant in spreading the truth. Good science is being done, but ignored. It's our responsibility to make it known, because the mass media is taking virtually none.