Sunday, April 7, 2019

Where is "Contemplations on Nature and God"?

I've just deleted my most recent post "Contemplations on Nature and God." Here's a brief explanation of why.

In essence, it was reverential, but not reverent. What do I mean by this? Imagine walking through a very modern public building, filled with murals painted in a very contemporary style. As you go down a certain spacious passage, abstract shapes in the mural give way to a portrait given a central and honored place, a portrait of Jesus, largely realistic, with abstract flourishes. But as you continue down the passage, everything is abstract art again.

Such a portrait would be placed in reverential way, but not in a reverent way.

Originally, I wrote that post thinking I could help someone on a similar spiritual journey to mine. But by the end of it I concluded that nothing I ever wrote could defend the Bible any better than reading it or praying about it could. Even secular classics have this quality, that they are superior to almost any commentary you try to make on them.

In any case, don't worry, more blog posts are coming. I was preoccupied with very personal things for a couple of months there, but now ideas are flooding in faster than I can make use of them, bringing together my thoughts on fantasy, mythology, story-telling, literature, role-playing games, evolutionary algorithms, computer games, and interactive fiction. Most recently I've started writing a new scripting language, and continued deepening my epic fantasy setting for games and stories. Stay tuned.

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