Saturday, July 18, 2020

End the Scare

This article is written by a scientist outside the mainstream and gives the best overview of all the major evidence against coronavirus being a true pandemic that I've found. It's excellently cited, with about 100 citations, mostly from scientific journals, and well-argued. And disturbing in its implications.

Well worth the read for ammunition against all the misinformation out there. 

I've made it my policy not to wear a mask or practice social distancing unless it's explicitly required or requested. 

The tragedy of this scare is overwhelming. The ongoing costs to human life, sanity, constitutional rights, and social bonds are huge. The widespread emotional neglect of the elderly is reprehensible. It's important to stay vigilant in spreading the truth. Good science is being done, but ignored. It's our responsibility to make it known, because the mass media is taking virtually none.

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