Monday, August 31, 2020

Eye-Opening Interview with a Google Whistleblower

If you click on this link, I bet it will be blocked, since Blogger is owned by Google [Nope! See correction below. This link is now repaired]:

But if you copy the above text and paste it into a new tab, it should work.

An inspiring interview. "The only reason they are [censoring so aggressively now] is that they are losing and we are winning."

Watch and share with all! The truth is coming out.


My bad. There was a space at the beginning of the original link. I've fixed it now. Thank you to those who kindly pointed this out! I guess I couldn't help getting a bit paranoid there ;)


  1. Hovering over the link shows that your hyperlink is broken. The html for your link is wrong. Have you tried fixing that before making this claim? Of course copying it works; the address as written is valid. The hyperlink, however, erroneously tries to ""

    Is your claim that Google purposely sabotaged your html?

  2. Why not? How hard would it be to write an algorithm that publishes sabotaged links to certain black listed sites? But touche, you are right in this case. There was a space in the URL.