Friday, August 21, 2020

It's Time to Take Action

Dear Friends and Family,

Few of us, if any, have anything to complain about. Our lives are comfortable, our families safe. The quarantine slightly inconveniences us. But there are millions around the world whose lives have been lost, hundreds of millions whose lives are now in danger, billions in worsened poverty. Our ability as a nation to lead the world and serve as a light--this responsibility--is itself under attack and is very close to being lost completely.

Freedom of speech and freedom of religion are dying. War is being waged against our most fundamental rights. Unless each one of us does our part, starting now, this war will lost before most of us even knew it began.

I'm not trying to be dramatic. I'm not trying to get attention for myself. I'm issuing a grave warning. And I'm asking for help in this peaceful, desperate struggle.

We all need to pray earnestly for the soul of our nation, for the souls of our nation.


I've just watched the full Plandemic documentary, released just a few days ago, and it probably sums up what is going on politically better than anything else I've seen so far. Many other resources will be offered at the bottom of this post.

Please take a few minutes to watch the new Plandemic video. Mikovits and other whistleblowers have had their lives threatened and their careers ruined trying to get their message out. It could potentially cost these companies hundreds of billions of dollars if it does, so we shouldn't be surprised they're being silenced. Here are a few links, in case any of them do not work:  (this site has links to the video and is committed to getting this information out - it a has lot of good resources)


For what it's worth, here's my own one page summary of what you might call the Constitutional Crisis of 2020.

What is happening now, the corruption and greed and sheer power of our leaders, leading us into tyranny and totalitarianism, is nothing new. It is emphatically not a conspiracy theory. It is just what happens when the faith and traditions of a nation erode. "Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely," as Lord Acton said in 1887. It's the entire story of the fall of the Roman Empire, if you care to read it. Wealth inequalities between the richest and poorest are at their greatest now than in all of history.

Let's start with the vaccine industry. Developing a modern vaccine is no simple thing. You've got to find some way to grow the virus, and have it strong enough to confer immunity, yet keep it weak so that the human immune system can easily destroy it. It's a balancing act, and it involves "training" the virus, breeding it for your purpose. This is usually done with either animal tissue or aborted fetal tissue or some combination, and has been done this way for about a century.

The safety of a vaccine, like the safety of any drug, can only really be known by studying its effects on humans. It is inevitable that some people will be harmed in the development of new drugs. Moreover, no drug is perfect. They all have side effects and you obviously have to weigh the benefits against the risks. 

Let me say that again. You obviously have to weigh the benefits against the risks. 

This is not being done with vaccines. It hasn't been done since at least the eighties. In 1986 they passed "The National Vaccine Injury Act," which removes all responsibility for damages done by vaccines from the company making it and put in on the taxpayer. It set up a special "vaccine court" which has been very good at keeping the number of cases and their severity under wraps, quietly paying damages to whoever has been brave enough to sue.

The medical industry in our country is about a third of the economy. This is not normal, historically speaking. Just over 100 years ago, agriculture alone was 90% of the economy. Things have changed fast--our population is aging and hospital costs are rising across the board. "Big Pharma," that is, those corporate giants who produce our medicines and vaccines and medical equipment, are some of the most powerful lobbyists in our country, if not the most powerful lobbyists. And their money and power is tied up with that of Big Tech, Bill Gates with his "Bill and Melinda Foundation," and Google now making a large portion of its profits from medical technology. 

The CDC and the WHO, it has been long known, are merely puppets of Big Pharma. 

In 1976 the government spent $135 million producing and promoting a vaccination against the swine flu. The campaign was led by the CDC and tens of millions received the vaccine. Within a few months $1.3 billion dollars in claims for adverse effects including paralysis and death had been filed. The vaccine caused far more harm than did the epidemic. How have we forgotten this in just a couple of generations?

Scientific studies and personal stories proving that vaccines cause autism were easily found online until around 2000 when Big Tech quietly began censoring them. This censorship goes on until today. Google, Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter are surprisingly open about this. They admit that they censor "misinformation" and "pseudoscience," especially surrounding the coronavirus. They even censor our own president. We saw their political censorship in action during the 2016 election.

This is not a conspiracy theory. It's just powerful people being greedy for control over public opinion.

This ongoing censorship is an abuse of power. Until it ends each of us has a duty to defend free speech by fighting it. How do you fight it? Simply by sharing important, banned information. Get off social media. Use word of mouth. Texts and emails are better than "feeds" which tend to push down controversial posts. If someone shares something good with you, turn around and share it with someone else. I now get most of my best news this way, via my personal network. Give money, time, and whatever resources you can to help organizations getting this information out.

The quarantines were put in place because the public and our leaders were duped by the coronavirus scare, spread via mainstream media and internet propaganda. The deaths from coronavirus are inflated by about 90% due to overcounting. Doctors get paid more for deaths reported as being due to covid. Overall death rates from respiratory disease haven't risen much, if at all. Covid is less dangerous than pneumonia, not much worse than your average flu. Invasive treatments like forced ventilation are killing people. Quarantine of the elderly is killing them at higher rates. Quarantine in general has wiped out economies and is starving tens of millions of people in the third world as we speak. Meanwhile, profits for Big Pharma are sky high, Big Tech has more control over speech and thought than every before, and our Constitutional rights, including free assembly, have never been more trampled with less protest. They want to make yearly or quarterly vaccines for everyone mandatory. And we've let this new regime become indefinite. A few weeks have become a few months and now they're saying a few years.

This is important. People need to start paying attention.

Trust in America is at an all time low. The game is up. Unless we each of us take responsibility for educating ourselves, our family, friends, and neighbors, this will only get worse.


Suggested resources:

60 minutes episode on the swine flu vaccine:

Several scientific papers presenting evidence from old sewage samples that covid-19 was circulating a year ago, along with more studies showing that quarantine itself is causing more harm than the virus:

"According to the CDC, 131,332 Americans have died from pneumonia and 121,374 from COVID-19 as of July 11th, 2020. Had the CDC used its industry standard, Medical Examiners’ and Coroners’ Handbook on Death Registration and Fetal Death Reporting Revision 2003, as it has for all other causes of death for the last 17 years, the COVID-19 fatality count would be approximately 90.2% lower than it currently is."

More on the incentives that drove up the official count:

A watchdog organization fighting to educate the public and defend our freedom of speech, with a great deal of "uncensored" news:

An organization devoted to defending freedom of religion in the U.S. and around the world:

On the incredible and growing power of wealthy corporations over government regulation:

An example of censorship, one in a horde:

Whistleblowers given a voice:

One page summary of the suppressed autism vaccine link. Please read it before you dismiss it.

Old news, half forgotten: doctors murdered for investigating autism and offering alternative remedies:

Alternate search engines: [try the "uncensored" tab, especially with topics like vaccines and autism, covid-19, President Trump, or any other controversial topic. The way it works is the uncensored tab shows only results that never show up on Google.]

Alternate browsers:

Suggested movie, banned from Australia and aggressively censored. Let me know if you can't afford it and I'll buy you a copy:

NOTE: If you lack the money to purchase anything below let me know and I'll send you a copy free of charge.
Suggested books on the corruption of Big Pharma:
Plague, by Judy Mikovits
Plague of Corruption, by Judy Mikovits
Callous Disregard, by Andrew Wakefield
Vaccines 2.0, by Mark Blaxill
Evolution 2.0, by Perry Marshall

On the corruption of Big Tech:
The Master Switch, by Tim Wu
Life After Google, by George Gilder

On the corruption of the school system and its ties to corporate propaganda:
Dumbing us Down, by John Taylor Gatto
The Underground History of America, Volumes I and II, by John Taylor Gatto

A story of the Beast's unspoken activities in the third world, including crucifixion of Christians:
Long Life and Honey in the Heart, by Martin Prechtel

From The Life and Revelations of Anne Catherine Emmerich, Vol. II [red type mine]
[p. 120]
The Essence of Rationalism. 

"I was at the Nuptial House and I saw a large, boisterous wedding party arriving in coaches. The bride had around her a crowd of attendants. She was a tall, insolent, extravagantly dressed person, a crown on her head, jewels on her breast. Around her neck hung three tinsel chains and lockets with numberless trinkets shaped like crabs, toads, frogs, locusts, cornucopias, rings, whistles, etc. She was dressed in scarlet, and on her shoulders wriggled an owl whispering first into one ear, then into the other. It seemed her familiar spirit. The woman pompously entered the Nuptial House with her suite and baggage, driving out all whom she had found therein. The old gentlemen and the ecclesiastics had scarcely time to gather their books and papers together, for all had to depart. Some went with disgust, others betraying a little interest in the courtesan (1), They either betook themselves to the church, or scattered around in groups, sauntering here and there. The woman upset everything in the house, even the table with the goblets on it; only the Bridal Chamber and the apartment dedicated to the Mother of God remained undisturbed. Among her followers was that cunning hypocrite whom I had lately seen serving two masters; he was all-powerful with her. The learned boy was her son; he had now grown up and he boldly pushed himself in everywhere. One thing was very remarkable : the woman, her baggage, her books, all swarmed with shining worms, and she bore around her the fetid odor of those sparkling beetles that one recognizes by their smell. The women with her were mesmeric prophetesses who prophesied and supported her. It is well there are such people. They pursue their wickedness until they go too far, when they are discovered and the good are separated from the bad. After upsetting the whole house, 

(1) " Once I saw this woman's mother in the Nuptial House, preparing from a rank 
herb with yellow leaves a pottage for the learned who were to increase with the same 
rapidity as does the herb itself. They often came and ate heartily of it 1 ' 

Anne Catherine Emmerich. 121 

she went out into the garden and trampled it under foot; wherever she passed, the flowers faded and died, all turned to worms and infection. But this ignoble bride wanted to marry, and no one would suit her but a pious, intelligent young priest, one of the twelve, I think, whom I so often see doing great things under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. He was among those who had fled from the house on her entrance, but she enticed him back with the sweetest words. When he returned, she showed him everything and wanted to place him over all. He hesitated a little, when she threw off all reserve and used every imaginable artifice to induce him to marry her. The young priest became indignant, solemnly cursed her and her arts as those of an infamous courtesan, and quickly withdrew. Then I saw all her attendants trying to escape, swooning, dying, turning black. The whole house grew dark and swarmed with worms that ate into everything, and the woman herself sank worm-eaten to the ground, all dried up like tinder. I crushed some of the worms lying there dead and shining, and found that they, too, were all dried up, burned to ashes. When everything had fallen to dust and silence reigned around, the young priest returned with two others, one an old man who looked like a Roman legate. He carried a cross which he set up in front of the charred Nuptial House. After having drawn something from the cross, he entered the house and threw open the doors and windows, whilst his companions outside prayed, consecrated, and exorcised. Then a furious storm arose. The wind blew through the house, driving out before it a black vapor which floated toward a great city and hung over it in heavy clouds. The Nuptial House, thus purified, was again occupied by people selected from among the former occupants, and some of the retinue of the unchaste bride, who 

122 Life of 

were now converted, were installed in it. All began again to prosper, and the garden once more flourished.' 

The Body of the Church. — Labors of the Harvest. 

June, 1820. — I was in the church of the Nuptial House, where a ceremony was being performed, as if preparatory to the setting out of harvesters. I saw the Lord Jesus as a Shepherd, the Apostles and disciples with the saints and blessed in an upper choir, whilst in the nave of the church were crowds of priests and laymen still alive, many of whom I know. The ceremony seemed intended to invoke a blessing on the harvest,; to bring laborers to it. Jesus seemed to be inviting them in these words: 'The harvest is great, but the laborers are few; pray, therefore, the Lord of the harvest to send laborers into his harvest.' — Then He sent the Apostles and disciples forth with blessings and prayers, just as He had done whilst on earth. I, too, went out to the harvest with some of the priests and laics still alive. Some excused themselves and would not go, when immediately their places were filled by the saints and blessed spirits. Then I saw the harvest-field near the Nuptial House and in it a body rising up toward the sky. It was horribly mutilated, the hands and feet cut off, and large holes in many parts of it. Some of the wounds were fresh and bleeding, others covered with decayed flesh, and others were swollen and gristly. The whole of one side was black and worm-eaten. My guide explained to me that it represented the body of the Church, as also the body of all mankind. He showed me in what way each wound referred to some part of the world, and I saw at a glance far distant nations and individuals who had been cut from it. I felt the pain of the amputation of these members as acutely as if they had been cut from my own person. 

Anne Catherine Emmerich. 123 

'Should not one member sigh after another, suffer for another ? Should it not aim at being healed and again united to the body ? Should not one suffer for the welfare of another' said my guide. 'The nearest, the most painful amputations are those made from the breast around the heart.* — I thought, in my simplicity, that this must mean brothers and sisters, near relations, and Gertrude came to my mind. But then it was said to me : l Who are My brethren ? They who keep My Father's commandments are My brethren. Blood-relations are not the nearest to the heart. Christ's blood-relations arc they who were once of the same mind, Catholics who have fallen away from the faith. — Then I saw how quickly the side of the body was healed. The proud flesh in the wounds are heretics, and dissenters form the gangrened part. I saw every member, every wound, and its signification. The body reached to heaven; it was the Body of Christ. The sight made me forget my pains, and I began to work with all my strength to cut, to bind, and carry the sheaves to the Nuptial House. I saw the saints helping from on high and the twelve future Apostles taking part successively in the labor. I saw also some living laborers, but they were few and at great distances apart. I was almost worn out, my fingers ached from binding, and I was drenched with perspiration. I had just one sheaf more of good wheat, but the ears pricked me, I was quite overcome. Suddenly a polished fop with very insinuating manners stepped up to me saying that I must cease working, it was too much for me, and that, after all, it did not concern me. At first, I did not recognize him; but, when he began to make love and promise me a fine time, I discovered that it was the devil and I repulsed him indignantly. He instantly disappeared. I saw the harvest-field surrounded by an immense 

124 Life of Anne Catherine Emmerich.

vine, and the new Apostles working vigorously at it and calling upon others to do the same. They stood, at first, widely apart. When the harvest was over, the laborers all joined in celebrating a great feast of thanksgiving." 

[p. 289]:
7. From August to the close of October, 1820. 

Sister Emmerich's labors at this time were constantly directed to the welfare of the Church which, as usual, she beheld typified by St. Peter's, at Rome. The secret society, with its world-wide ramifications engaged in ceaseless war against the Bride of Christ, was shown her as the empire of Antichrist symbolized by the beast in the Apocalypse rising out of the sea and fomenting attacks upon the flock of Christ. In relating this vision, the Pilgrim makes the following remarks : u It is, indeed, full of breaks, for the invalid saw it under allegorical representations difficult for her to describe. What is most astonishing, is that it touch- 

290 Life of 

es upon many points of the Apocalypse of St. John, of which humanly speaking she must have been wholly ignorant, as she has very little knowledge of the Holy Scriptures or of any other book. If, at times, she seems to read, it is with a mind deeply absorbed in contemplation and she sees very different things from those discussed in the volume before her. The vision is, as follows: 'I see new martyrs, not of the present but of the future, though even now they are oppressed. I saw the secret society undermining the great church (St Peter's) and near them a horrible beast that arose out of the sea. It had a tail like a fish, claws like a lion, and numberless heads that lay like a crown around one large head ; its jaws were large and red, its body spotted like a tiger. It was very familiar with the demolishers, lying near them whilst they worked, and, again, concealing itself in a cave. Here and there throughout the whole world I saw many good, pious people, especially ecclesiastics, harassed, imprisoned, and oppressed, and I felt that at some future day, they would be martyred. When the church was well-nigh overturned, the choir and altar alone remaining untouched, 1 saw the demolishers thronging into it accompanied by the beast. But they encountered a tall, majestic female who seemed to be with child for she walked very slowly. The wretches were filled with affright on seeing her and the beast lay paralysed, furiously darting its head toward her, as if to devour her ; but she turned and fell prostrate on her face. Then I saw the beast fleeing to the sea, the enemy hurrying off in disorder, and immense circles of combatants surrounding the church, some on the earth, others high in the air. The first circle was composed of youths and maidens ; the second, of married persons of all classes from royalty down; the third, of religious; the fourth, of warriors, led by a rider on a white horse; and the 

Anne Catherine Emmerich. 291 

fifth and last was made up of citizens and peasants, many of whom were marked on the forehead with a red cross. As this army drew near, the captives and oppressed were delivered and swelled the ranks, whilst the demolishers and conspirators were put to flight on all sides. They were, without knowing how, gathered together into one confused mass in the midst of a dense fog; they knew neither what they did nor what they ought to do; and they ran pell-mell against one another, as I so often see them. Then I saw the church speedily rebuilt and more magnificent than before, for its defenders brought stones from all parts of the earth. When the most distant circles drew near, the nearest withdrew to make way for them. The former appeared to represent the various labors of prayer ; the latter, the soldiers, the deeds of war. I saw among these last friends and enemies of all nations, simply soldiers like our own and dressed like them. They did not form a perfect circle, but a crescent opening toward the north into an immense dark abyss like a chasm, a precipice, like a descent into darkness, like that to which Adam was driven from Paradise. I felt that a region of darkness lay beyond. I saw that some out of these circles remained behind. They would not advance, but stood gloomily huddled together. I saw some also who would one day be martyred for Jesus ; but there were many wicked people among them, and another separation was to take place. — The church was completely restored. Above it on a mountain, was the Lamb of God surrounded by a troop of virgins with palm-branches, and five circles of celestial cohorts corresponding to the five circles below. They all arrived together, and all acted in concert. Around the Lamb stood the four mysterious beasts of the Apocalypse." 

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